I have always coveted amazing brows on other women, brows can make or break a woman’s features – I see this all the time in my makeup work.  I wanted to be able to offer my Le Rouge Makeup Artistry clients that ‘little something extra’ so I decided to take my obsession with brows to another level with formal training.

A truly beautiful brow design is a skill that can be shared with all women and one thing I absolutely love about brow design is that you don’t wash it away at the end of the day. Brows that have been groomed and restored to their full potential are an investment and feature that accentuate a women’s face, defining her features.

Ultimate brows are natural yet defined, promoting balance and definition on your face. Le Rouge offers a Custom Brow Arch service, on initial consultation clients are educated on their brows, shown how they can achieve the ultimate brows over time and, in the meantime, how to fill brows like a professional.

I use a combination of tweezing and trimming to give the most precise results and avoid damage to the delicate eye area or reactions from sensitive skin.

Before and after brow design

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Please see below gallery for some of my recent brow work.

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