Brow repairs are tricky business and a specialist brow artist is often best placed to undertake a repair, as a regular beauty salon may focus only on cleaning up a brow in its existing state. Repairs take time, persistence and dedication from both the client and brow artist as they work towards a vision while fixing and shaping brows that have been badly designed or become uneven over time.

Each brow repair is different and can depend on the clients individual hair growth pattern, hair growth speed and where they are starting on their journey.

I thought I would talk in depth about brow repairs in this blog using one of my repair clients as an example.

‘A’ is one of my lovely regular clients – she has the most amazing blue green eyes! ‘A’ first approached me for help with her brows about 8 weeks ago. After she confessed she had quite thin brows we scheduled her appointment for a few weeks later so they would have a chance to ‘grow in’ a bit before our initial consultation. I made ‘A’ promise me that she would put down her tweezers for the next few weeks – this is central to a brow repair as an artist has the vision for the repair and may need the most seemingly irrelevant hair for the next steps in the repair.

This is A’s brows at our first appointment. They had been heavily tweezed and we had some work ahead of us to restore them to their full potential. Despite their obvious thinness I was excited because I could see that there was quite a lot of hair peeking through the skin after only 2 weeks –  with some patience and time A’s brows would be AMAZING.

A's brows before repair.

A’s brows before repair.

The most important role of a brow artist in a brow repair like this is getting your client on the right growth plan to keep all the new hairs that have been grown in in addition to maintaining the brow regularly so that it can look as good as possible while it is growing in.

‘A’ agreed to see me every two weeks so that we could manage her new growth and begin shaping them, she also fully committed to the ‘no tweezing’ rule, which made me very happy.   ‘A’ mentioned to me that she coped through the growing out process by not looking in the mirror – hilarious, but probably a good solution if you find it difficult not to tweeze your own brows regularly!

At our second visit due to a good amount of growth I was able to begin shaping A’s brows into a beautiful balanced shape. I used a freehand approach as with all of my brow designs removing excess hair with tweezers, limited waxing and colour enhancement.

A; brow design, brow repair

First vs second visit

In the photo above you can already see a dramatic difference in brows in just 2 visits. Full disclosure – the brows in the after pic above are slightly filled, but you can still see the significant new growth that has come in over the previous two weeks. ‘A’ was using castor oil topically applied to her brows each evening as this can increase brow hair growth in many people.

At visit 3 we were able to continue on refining the shape that we have been working towards since visit 1. ‘A’s’ brows now have a natural shape and arch point that accentuates her gorgeous eyes. The third photo here is completely un-filled and has only been tinted and shaped – AMAZING results.


Over the coming weeks as the brow hair lengthens they will begin to sit down a little more and we will continue to refine the brows further. I think that after 5 visits we will transition to maintenance and ‘A’ will be able to fully enjoy her new brows!!

I am so thankful that ‘A’ has trusted me with her brow restoration and I hope I continue to care for her brows well into the future.

If you have any questions please comment below!


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