Back in May I was looking for opportunities to expand my makeup ‘bag of tricks’ I have been doing bridal and freelance makeup work for a long time (which i love) but its low season for weddings at the moment and I was open to something a little different. I answered an advertisement and was accepted to be part of the makeup team for the Lara Lupish Paris Love Spring fashion show at Newcastle Museum. Lara has worked with celebrities around the globe and has an eclectic style that I just love, I jumped in knowing this would be a great opportunity to meet new people within the industry and have some fun.

Call time for makeup artists was 10am. Myself and a team of 6 other makeup artists and assistants started the day watching a demonstration of the look that we were to apply to the models, it was a soft, dewy base with matte lips, a touch of highlighting and lashings of blush. I loved re-creating this whimsical look!

Once the demonstration was finished it was time to get to work on the models. We worked alongside a large team of hairdressers, grabbing whatever models were not busy doing something else at that particular time – with 30 models to make up there was plenty to do. The room buzzed with energy, dryers and the air was thick with hairspray and the chatting of models, hair, makeup and the dressing team. I LOVED IT!

I did four faces over a few hours, unfortunately I didn’t get to take pictures of all of the girls i made up I did get to snap pics of three with my i-phone here they are alongside a few other pics of the day.


Lara Lupish Paris Love Spring models

By mid afternoon we were finished and waiting I was part of the smaller team that was to go backstage to the dressing area and provide touchups, all the models towered above me (i am super short)
so it was a bit of a stretch touching up lips on some of the tallest girls. At this point of the day we carried very little makeup on us just some powder, kabuki brush and a palette of lipsticks.
As one of the models slipped into her tiny hot pants we were confronted with a very large black bruise that had to be covered in true ‘fake it till you make it’style
Holly, the lead makeup artist, covered that nasty sucker with flesh lipstick and powder in lieu of well – anything else!

After a full day of prep the show was over before we knew it! I headed home exhausted. happy. hungry. excited.

Myself and Bailey fellow Makeup Artist

Myself and Bailey, a fellow Makeup Artist

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