Back when I first got really into makeup I managed to snag a job with Dior. It was an amazing entry into the world of cosmetics where I had the opportunity to gain ‘hands on experience’ with clients, work with prestige products and receive thorough training on all aspects of beauty. After completing my uni degree i decided to transition to doing freelance makeup (mostly Bridal) so that i could work full time in Mental Health. Whilst I liked my new career I really missed the commercial beauty industry it was a constant source of inspiration – so I needed to find this elsewhere!

Now I do a lot more freelance makeup work than I have in the past its essential I am up to date with key trends and also the products people are lusting after.I get most of my inspiration these days online, there are a few places that are my go-to makeup junkie sites, stick with me as i discuss them below.


The tube is my number 1 recommendation for people who want inspiration, to learn new techniques or find reviews of products they are interested in buying. It is a veritable smorgasbord of information and the good thing is that there are so many people using slightly different methods or explaining something another way. If one person doesn’t work for you – try another! You tube was essential for me to master the dreaded ‘cats eye’ on myself (it’s harder on yourself!) and also the ‘cut crease’ eyeshadow application. I also LOVE seeing what other makeup junkies are buying, their beauty room tours, makeup collections or how other professional makeup artists organise their kits, i find it really inspiring.

I have a pretty solid list of ‘vloggers’ that I subscribe too for different reasons. I love Lauren Curtis  and Chloe Morello, they are Australian and both girls produce high quality films allowing you get a detailed look at exactly how they apply their makeup. Lauren is pretty much the queen of contouring and the smoky eye!

Shaaanxo is a NZ vlogger who does a lot of great product reviews and different looks, Nikkie Tutorials is a scandinavian vlogger who is also fantastic and does a few more avantgaurd tutorials. Batalash beauty is AMAZING – check her out!! She now has few extra people contributing to her channel which is great for variety, she is a bit gangsta and completely unapolagetic… i really like that!

One of my favourite vloggers is Cherry Dollface. I have watched every. single. one. of Cherry’s tutorials – I first found her when I was looking for vintage hair tutorials but I love her makeup work as well. She uses a wide variety of products from drugstore to high end and clearly explains what and why she is doing something. Plus, she is just darling – major girl crush over here! Back in April this year Cherry actually came to Australia and did promotional work with Catfight Collections, a local Pinup Clothing boutique. As part of her promotional tour people were able to book private sessions with Cherry for vintage hair or makeup tutorials. I scheduled a private makeup session so a) I could be a massive fan girl and b) I could get some specific advice on ‘pin up’ makeup techniques – which she did, her highlighting trick is awesome.


Before vlogs I read a lot of beauty blogs. I don’t spend as much time reading blogs now these as vlogs are better for learning new techniques, however I still prefer reading product reviews rather than watching them, horses for courses ladies!

My favourite blogs are:

Temptalia has a fantastic blog but is possibly most well known for her product reviews and ‘dupes’, she identifies low end substitutes for high end ‘cult’ products. They also have an awesome foundation matrix which helps you choose the appropriate foundation colour in one brand based on the colour you use in another.

Batalash beauty has a youtube channel (i mentioned above) and a great accompanying blog where they review products and post ‘how to’ articles – they have a lot of contributors now so its great for variety, a must!

Tarlie’s Corner Is a great local Australian blogger. Tarlie’s blog posts focus a lot on products available in Australia (yay!) both drugstore and highend products with LOTS of tutorials and reviews. Tarlie also does sweet interviews with other bloggers and informative how to’s, I have been following her for a few months now, her blog is a ‘stay on my internets’.

Lipstick and Linguine I love L&L! More product reviews (I am obssessed with reviews if that wasnt already obvious!) as well as fun things like vanity tours and makeup hauls that i can drool over. L&L updates a lot so I get lots of eye candy in my feedly regularly.

So there you have it – a bit of a review of some current beauty vlog and bloggers. Comment below if you know of some amazing vlog/bloggers – I would love to check them out.



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