I am SO pleased to offer a specialist brow service to all the lovely women in Newcastle and Hunter Region and thought I would do a blog about what to expect when you have a brow design or repair with Le Rouge Makeup and Brow Design.

Eyebrows are something that can really grab your attention both when they are good and well… bad. If something is right there on your face its hard not to notice, so it is great if you can invest some time and effort and get them en-pointe – for everyone’s benefit!

Back well before I started my own journey in Brow Artistry I used to travel to Sydney regularly to get my brows maintained,there wasn’t anyone in Newcastle that specialised in Brow design or repair – just your regular waxing. I was not one of those lucky girls with lovely thick brows in a classic shape that accents their features – although I am now. Previously I had very thin, rounded brows with no arch or peak point – I knew a brow specialist was the answer – so off to Sydney my best friend and I would trek every few weeks for our brow maintenance.

A simple eyebrow wax is usually somewhere between $10-$15 and does not involve any consultation with the client or repair, if brows have been damaged previously. Excess growth is removed (usually from underneath the brow) and women are sent on their way, no muss no fuss. I appreciate that women are busy and like to have something quickly attended too but i also think some things are worth a little time and effort.

An initial brow design appointment With Le Rouge Makeup and Brow Design is usually about an hour. It involves a thorough consultation, the brow treatment and then I spend time with clients to educate them on their brows e.g what shape we are working towards and how to fill their brows while they might be growing in.

During the consultations I talk to clients and get an idea of what they really want from their treatment and then make my recommendations on what hair will stay or go and we begin. A brow treatment includes, tinting, trimming, tweezing (sometimes waxing) and shading. I always show my clients their new brow design prior to shading so they understand what we are working towards and know where they may need to shade while their brows continue to grow in.

If a client is having a ‘brow repair’ they can expect that it might take 2-3 months with regular appointments to achieve their desired shape before moving onto a maintenance schedule (depending on brow growth) Maintenance appointments are much faster (approximately 30 minutes) and recommended every 3-4 weeks.


Brow Repair visit 1

I hope this has been useful! Comment below if you have any questions on the brow design process.


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