Happy Wedding Day! You have gone through the process of selecting and trialling your makeup artist and your wedding day has finally arrived.

Expect a phone call or at least a text from your artist the day before your wedding to confirm room numbers (if you are getting ready in a hotel) or any last minute details that have not yet been decided. Start times on the day of the wedding will vary depending on what time your ceremony is and when your photographer has asked you to be ‘ready’. A typical wedding for me starts around 9:00 am when I arrive at location and set up. It’s good to have an idea of what type of make up you would like for your bridal party and that each bridesmaid has a lipstick and powder to touch up throughout the evening. If your bridal party has ladies that aren’t “make up lovers’ a translucent pressed powder will suit all complexions and can be shared to remove any shininess later in the day, I do suggest everyone has their own lip product – it’s easier than keeping track of one gloss amongst numerous women and more hygienic.

I usually arrive about 15 minutes before the agreed time to ensure I can set up properly and have a quick catch-up with the bride and her bridesmaids, checkout everyone’s dresses and refresh myself on the brief for the day. I also check in with the hairdresser that I am working with to see where they are at, I am lucky to regularly work with some amazing hair artists over the years and the routine is always pretty similar. I usually start with a girl who isn’t getting her hair done or set immediately and then we alternate until everyone is finished. In almost every case the bride’s make up is completed after her hair and maybe the last or second last ‘face’ made up. Sometimes I will leave the mother of the bride’s make up to be completed last to be sure the bride has a few moments to relax before photos commence.
Once all faces have been completed I check everyone over and do last minute ‘touch ups’, this can also include covering tattoo’s, scars or anything else that has cropped up. It is a good idea to try and let an artist know about this before the big day so they can pack their kit accordingly for the day. I generally do not stay on location after all faces have been completed, if you would like your make up artist to stay until before you leave for the wedding ceremony for final touch ups you may have to pay them an agreed hourly rate to do so.
So there you have it! The wedding day is pretty straight forward most of the time here is a few extras little tips:
• If you are getting ready at an unusual location give clear directions so that your hair and make up team can locate you. A sign on a rural gate or some landmarks to look out for go a long, long way to ease our anxiety when we find ourselves in the middle of no-where!
• Always keep your mobile phone handy. If you do not want to take calls delegate this responsibility to a bridesmaid. I have on occasion been locked out of buildings and been unable to get in contact with brides waiting for me to arrive.
• If you have someone in the bridal party with particular tastes or sensitivities try and flag it with your artist before-hand so we can easily accommodate their needs on the day.
• We love to hear how your day went! If you have tied the knot and loved your glam team drop them a line with some pictures and feedback from the day. Working with someone so closely on their wedding day is special, and often we love to receive photo’s that we can use in our professional portfolio of work.


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