Part 1: The lead up

Freelance makeup artistry is one of my most favourite things to do, I love being around the positive energy of brides both in the lead up and on their wedding day. Though every wedding day is individually tailored to each bride’s specifications many things remain consistent, if you are considering hiring a makeup artist for professional primping keep reading!

Many brides start investigating a makeup artist several months out, this is great advice if your wedding falls in ‘high season’, generally late August to December. Whether you have found your preferred artist through word of mouth or their direct advertising it is a good idea to check out their portfolio galleries on their website or Facebook page to see examples of previous work and then send through a contact enquiry. You can get a great feel for a makeup artist by these initial communications, its always helpful to include the date of your wedding, the number of ‘faces’ required to be completed on the day and your preferred location.

Once you have established an artist is available it is helpful to set up a makeup ‘trial’. Some artists will travel for a trial; however, I usually do these from my beauty rooms as I have everything at my fingertips and plan to travel to your preferred location on your wedding day. Many brides like to schedule their trial to correspond with a special event or even their hair trial however it’s not always possible and that is ok too!

Trial makeups usually take at least an hour, this allows ample time for me to consult with clients and find out exactly what look they prefer. I recommend bringing along pictures, as it helps make sure everyone is on the same page and gives your artist something to work from.

After a trial I always touch base with the client and confirm they were happy with their trial. It’s always great to receive feedback, even if you were not a fan of something and would like that part changed don’t be afraid to let your makeup artist know. Your level of comfort is our priority so speak up!

I encourage brides to purchase a lipstick for the day (if they don’t already have one) as they will need to touch up throughout their wedding day, bridesmaids will also need to do the same.

Other things to mention to your artist:

–        Your hair style, and if your hair stylist will be working on location that day or if you are coming from a salon.

–        Spray tanning (if you intend to or not)

–        Allergies or sensitivities (you or bridesmaids)

Wedding photographer (who your photographer is, what time you need to be ‘ready’ for them to commence on your wedding day)

I usually make contact with clients at least 2 times before the wedding and send a quick confirmation the day before to double check nothing has changed. Your artist may ask for a non-refundable fee which secures your booking and is deducted from the final fee (I do this) they may also expect the balance paid prior to the day. I ask that clients pay the balance two weeks before the big day meaning less hassle on the day for both brides and artists.

So there you have it, this post will continue next blog focusing on the wedding day!


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